Audio Days in Paris

Architekt of Sound had a great time at the Audio Days witch took place in Paris on October 25-26, 2013 at the S.A.E. (School of Audio Engineering).

A lot of big audio companies attended the two days show. They all visited our listening booth, first out of curiosity but then many of them came back because they had a really good time with us. Idem with audiophiles people who realized that a good system needs great sounding projects. That’s the very reason why we decided to create our label Architekt of Sound : great sound is meaningless without a great artistic production.

Thanks to all our artists for being so talented !

We had critical listening/viewing sessions on a big screen with a marvelous audio system from Klinger Favre, a french audio company witch was our partner during the show. Mister Jean-Jacques Bacquet himself, Chairman, was present and brought specially for the occasion the D17 speakers system.

“ – Whoaaahhhh !!!!!”

That was the  most common reaction from our visitors during our videos screenings….and that was my reaction to!

Sorry for probably being too proud of our productions, but that’s the result of hard work during recording and mix sessions. Most importantly I want to say thank you to all those smiling people who enjoyed to be suddenly into THE SOUND.

Everyone was stunned by the quality of our productions, on the technical aspect first and for our art direction too. We had several demos sessions, some of them lasted for two hours and every time they ended up with a standing ovation, from audio professionals and audiophiles teams.

It seems that a special attention and desire for quality music productions is making a comeback and this gives us a lot of energy for Architekt of Sound’s future!