Time to transmit the knowledge…


Last week I gave a very interesting Master Class in Paris at the CNSMD for the “Recording Arts” students .

This noble institution decided to create  collaboration with me.

What is the deal?

I’m free to invite class a great personality of the music and audio world for each Master Class, mostly original and talented people I met during my career.

The  first person I invited was Jean Jacques Bacquet, chairman of Klinger Favre, him again…

Jean Jacques arrived with a big audio system from his lineup. What a great experience for the students !

Then we had some great exchanges with the futur recording engineers, talking about audio cables, converters, super tweeter… We shared some recording secrets about  microphone placement, presence and space, compression and limitation but also about the best ways to communicate with the artist.

We had a listening session on the Klinger Favre system, using a lot  Architekt of Sound video and audio recordings. Big succes for Double Rainbow and the Benoit Delbecq/Edward Perraud duo, soon to be released on the label.

Music and sound at their best!

And after discussing all the technical aspects of the recording process the conclusion was:

a good mike position is better than a good microphone, a good balance is better than a great microphone BUT a good artistic collaboration and human relationship between the recording engineer and the artist is really the point, it is what matters the most!

Those young students are really smart and talented and they all are very interested in our label: we are so proud of that!


P.S.: my friend, the  Jazz pianist and composer Bojan Z himself, is on the list for the next session!